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Surf School
How our surf session plan works

Our Lavaflow surf Lanzarote surf coaches have given thousands of people their first surfing experience. Some people are confident water users and feel at home in the waves, while other people are intimidated by just being in the ocean environment but everyone, without exception, thoroughly enjoys their first day surfing with us at Lavaflow surf Lanzarote

During your first session you will never be out of your depth and everything will first be explained to you clearly in small, confidence building, sections. We encourage you to book 3 days of surfing so we can really make some great advancements and build your surfing knowledge and stamina If you  surf regularly and want to progress faster then we can work on the route cause of your surfing problems to keep you from the dreaded surf plateau. Towards the end of your stay with us you will have the chance to push yourself but that only happens later on and if you decide that you would like to.


Our surf coach will meet you at the beach where we will introduce ourselves and the area you will be surfing including some local knowledge. Your coach will explain again the social distancing measures and policies that we have already sent to you previously in an email or message. Once at the beach your session will be broken down into sections involving 5 minutes on the sand, explaining each new skill, followed by 20 minutes in the water practising it. You will not be thrown in the deep end literally or metaphorically and whether you are a natural athlete or not, you will neither be the best or the worst person that we have coached, so you can relax, let us walk you through everything and simply enjoy the never ending process of learning.

We really believe in athlete centered surf coaching and understand that your needs are individual to you and not everyone has the same focus.

We also understand that the price of improvement is compromised by surf session length, longer sessions don’t guarantee success rather the opposite leaving you feeling exhausted and demoralized.

If this is your first introduction to surfing our first goal is to teach you how to be self sufficient in the water: selecting and catching waves. We will then show you how to surf the wave by moving your weight, while still laying down, in order to carve turns and accelerate, before moving onto the next steps to get you up riding.

If you are a little bit more advanced in your surfing but seem to have reached a plateau, we will unpick the route cause of your surfing problems to keep you progressing faster. No mater what your level we have something for you.

What Level Surfer Am I?

Being able to communicate your current skill level and experience to us before you arrive on Lanzarote will allow us to plan your surfing sessions and coaching to maximise your progress. When you’re here, you’ll be learning alongside one or two other surfers who are at the same level as you. Whether you’re with us for just one day or one week, we’ll give you a great adventure. Here is a summary of which skills are specific to each level.

Level 1 - Beginner

Level one coaching begins in the forgiving white water. You won’t be out of your depth until your comfortable to do so. You’ll learn how to select and catch waves unassisted; how to stall and accelerate the board; the difference between trimming and carving turns; and the functional stance which will allow you to perform big turns and progress onto catching unbroken waves.

Level 2 - Advanced

Level 2 surfers can comfortably stand on the board and are focusing on catching unbroken waves. So you’ll learn to paddle through the white water efficiently and safely; learn about wave selection; work on agility and prediction; angle your take off; create speed down the line; understand etiquette and know how to confidently and safely deal with any situation which may present itself to you.

Level 3 - Expert

Level 3 surfers can consistently catch head high waves without assistance. So most of the coaching is done with the video camera, allowing you to see what you are doing on the face. We start with how to find the fastest trimming line, then how, why and when to perform horizontal carving changes of direction (cutbacks), then it’s about climbing on top of breaking sections (floaters). Performing committed maneuvers, in the critical part of the wave, with speed power and flow. We establish which areas of your surfing are limiting factor. Then you’ll learn which skills are relevant to you, so you can break your free surfs up into productive bite sized drills. The aim is that you will leave being able to fault find and self coach by watching video of yourself in future.

  • Your exclusive travelling party or family Surf lesson dedicated to you
  • 75 per session
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
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  • Private 1-2-1 surf coaching 2 hours of just you and our surf coach
  • 100 per session
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Book Now
  • Lone surfer group session, maximum of 5 surfers in your group
  • 50 per person per day for booking of 2 days +
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Book Now
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