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Lavaflow surf school Lanzarote

Hey everyone we are going to be re-opening lavaflow surf school soon. But we are changing the way we work to help you to stay safe during the new normality.

First off, all of our equipment, wetsuits, leashes, rash vests, surf and paddle board’s buoyancy aids and paddles are all washed in OX-VIRIN after each use to prevent any spread of bacteria or viruses.

We have decided to eliminate pick up and drop offs to minimise close contact in an enclosed space and to observe social distancing measures in compliance with government guidelines and recommendation. This allows you to use your own car or hire a car and meet us at the beach, the benefits of this, we will prepare a visitor’s pack with information from us as locals regarding some of our favourite places for you to visit after your surf session. So you can make the most of your time on the island. (This pack is not a sponsored pack it’s just what we like to do and the places we like to eat).

We are applying a strict limit in group size for people travelling alone or for others wishing to have a group session of 5 to 1 surfer to instructor ratio with cones placed for changing and instruction on the beach, again maintaining social distancing guidelines, between surfers and instructor.

Are new aim is to provide top class surf coaching for your independent travelling party. whether it be you and your partner, family or travelling friends, in effect bringing you and your party a private surf session.

The positives

During the lockdown we have worked long and hard on re-designing a new way to work putting policies in place and looking deeper into the way we coach, finding new techniques and ways to get you progressing as a surfer through all mediums of coaching. We have stepped well away from traditional coaching and guarantee we will provide you with the most in depth and personal surf and Ocean experience.

We will provide you with details of car hire and public transport routes to get you to the beach.


From complete beginner or advanced surfer, we will have already asked you about your surfing experience, goals, wetsuit size and board size and your preferences regarding every detail of your trip from massages, stretch classes and food, to extra activities like stand up paddle boarding, open water swimming, snorkeling, Volcano walking and Yoga. This will help us to understand what you are looking for and this allows us to recommend some of our favorite places in the visitors pack that we have emailed you before your visit.

Wetsuit distribution and equipment

We will provide you with a wetsuit and rash vest for your stay with us and this will be yours for the length of your stay eliminating any contact with other wetsuits or equipment.

Your Surf board will be numbered and this will also be yours during your stay however we will transport this daily to the beach after it has been sanitized after each daily use.


Family or friends who have travelled together can change together whilst group or lone travelers will be given a safe area to change and a position on the beach to start the coaching session.

On the beach

Once at the beach your session will start with an easy to follow warm up and the all important ocean safety briefing but once your session begins it will be broken down into sections involving 5 minutes on the sand, explaining each new skill, followed by 20 minutes in the water practicing it. You will not be thrown in the deep end literally or metaphorically and whether you are a natural athlete or not, you will neither be the best or the worst person that we have coached, so you can relax, let us walk you through everything and simply enjoy the never ending process of learning to surf.

Back to the beach

Once back on the beach we will talk you through all aspects of your surfing achievements for the day and give you feedback on your next move and advancement, we will again change in your safe area and we will answer any questions you may have either surf related or island related to help you on your way.

Our coaching doesn’t end there

We hope you will be with us for a number of days but even if you are trying surfing for the first time we will not let you leave alone, along with your memories we will give you access to our surf coaches social media corner so we can help you with your surfing needs in your own country whether it be close to the ocean and actively surfing or just to keep your surf specific muscles ready for your next surf trip.

We wish to thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you all soon for the ultimate in surf coaching so until then we sincerely hope you all stay safe and stay surf fit


Please read our full Policy here

View our certificate for delivering RLSS UK Training and Assessments During COVID-19 here

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